International Olive Oil Competition
Second Edition

Pylos, Peloponnese: March 20-22, 2017

Sponsored by the

captain vassilis

Why in Greece?

The same way long distance runners aspire to participate in the classic Marathon run or great actors dream of performing at the ancient theater of Epidaurus, dedicated olive oil producers dream of the opportunity to compete in the land where everything started.


The Benefits of Winning

No distinction can promote your brand better than an international award received in the olive’s ancestral homeland. Such a recognition, attested by a medal and an honorary diploma, as well as a host of marketing initiatives, will help boost sales and promote your brand globally, not only through the competition’s communication, but also through the judges themselves, who are opinion leaders both in their native lands and the international stage.


Countdown to Completion
Entry Deadline

Enter the AIOOC and make history, again! Out of all the olive oil contests held around the world in 2017, only one will take place in the land where everything started!









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