Final Participation and Awards Results

For its second edition, the Athena International Olive Oil Competition (ATHIOOC) showed a 15% increase in the number of participating samples; 295 extra virgin olive oils from nine countries were judged by a panel of 23 international experts from 11 countries.

Although Greek olive oils were still the majority of those tasted, this year samples from abroad were up by an impressive 200%. Of the 295 samples tasted, 156 were Greek (53%) and 139 (47%) from abroad. In conjunction with the high number of international judges this establishes Athena as one of the few truly international extra virgin olive oil competitions in the world.

ATHIOOC 2017 awarded 175 medals in the following categories: 17 Double Gold (scoring 95-100%), 65 Gold (scoring 85-95%), 55 Silver (scoring 75-85%) and 38 Bronze (scoring 65-75%). There are also several special prizes including «Best of Show» which, for the second time running, goes to producer Paolo Bonomelli for his «TreFórt» EVOO from the La Garda district in Veneto, Italy.

This year’s samples represented 92 different varietals (28% more than last year) exemplifying the amazing diversity of the olive oil world.

The awards ceremony will take place in Athens on Saturday, April 22 2017, 18:00, at the King George II Hotel, Syntagma Square. This will be preceded by a day-long stand-up and self-pour tasting of all 175 award-winning olive oils.


Double Gold

95–100 / 100 points

39/22 KoroneikiGreat StoriesKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Ca' Rainene DrizzarPaolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive FarmDrizzar (Casaliva) VenetoItaly
Ca' Rainene Garda Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm60% Casaliva, 35% Leccino, 5% PendolinoVenetoItaly
Casa de Santo Amaro PremiumCasa De Santo Amaro70% Conbrançosa, 30% Verdeal Transmontana Alto DouroPortugal
Casa de Valpereiro Sociedade Agrícola Alberto Manso60% Verdeal Transmontana, 20% Cobrançosa, 15% Madural, 5% CordovilAlto DouroPortugal
Casa de Valpereiro PremiumSociedade Agrícola Alberto Manso60% Verdeal Transmontana, 20% Cobrançosa, 15% Madural, 5% CordovilAlto DouroPortugal
Intensu - Moulin OltremontiDomaine OltremontiGhjermana of CorsicaCorsicaFrance
Knolive EpicureKnolive Oils50% Picudo, 50% HojiblancaAndaluciaSpain
ll Cavallino Special EditionSalvadori RominaLeccio del CornoToscanaItaly
Oleum HispaniaMolino Virgen de Fátima PajareraAndaluciaSpain
OlicastelloMoli d'Oli Gabriel Alsina I FillsKoroneikiCataloniaSpain
Olio Novello Domenica Fiore65% Leccino, 30% Frantoio, 5% MoraioloUmbriaItaly
Rincón de la SubbéticaAlmazaras de la SubbéticaHojiblancaAndaluciaSpain
Rosmaninho Gourmet CobrançosaCooperativa de Olivicultores de ValpaçosConbrançosaAlto DouroPortugal
TreFórtPaolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm40% Casaliva, 30% Fort, 30% Trep VenetoItaly
Venta del BarónMueloliva85% Hojiblanca, 15% PicudaAndaluciaSpain
VieiruAlmazara as PontisManzanilla CacereñaExtremaduraSpain


85–95 points

39/22 ManakiGreat StoriesManakiPeloponneseGreece
AcaiaHellenic Agricultural EnterprisesKoloviLesvosGreece
Alexandra'sl/a Greek Olive Oil70% Koroneiki, 30% AthinoliaPeloponneseGreece
Athea - Moulin OltremontiDomaine OltremontiGhjermana of CorsicaCorsicaFrance
Biodynamic Picual DemeferCastillo de CanenaPicualJaénSpain
Bravoleum PicualHacienda El PaloPicualJaénSpain
Cultivar MoraioloFattoria RamerinoMoraioloToscanaItaly
DafniOlivenöl und Wein ImportKoroneikiCreteGreece
Destello de MalagaDestello de Malaga50% Verdial, 50% MálagaAndaluciaSpain
Dominus Cosecha TempranaMonvaPicualJaénSpain
El EmpiedroOlivarera la Purísima80% Hojiblanca, 20% PicudaCórdobaSpain
Erets Geshur MoriscaEretz GeshurMoriscaRamat HagolanIsrael
Erets Geshur PicualEretz GeshurPicualRamat HagolanIsrael
Essentia Gocce d'OroEssentia -Gocce D'Oro- Vertigo70% Frantoio, 20% Moraiolo, 10% LeccinoToscanaItaly
Essential OrganicG.E.T. Greek Exquisite EastesKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Family Reserve ArbequinaCastillo de CanenaArbequinaJaenSpain
Family Reserve PicualCastillo de CanenaPicualJaenSpain
Greek Pony Farm OrganicThe Greek Pony FarmKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Guadagnòlo PrimusFattoria Ramerino50% Moraiolo, 40% Frantoio, 5% Leccino, 5% PendolinoToscanaItaly
Herdade da Ventosa PremiumHerdade da Ventosa60% Picual, 40% CorbrançosaAlentejoPortugal
Herdade do Esporão CordovilEsporãoCordovilAlentejoPortugal
Herdade do Esporão SelecçãoEsporãoCobrançosa, Picual, Galega, Cordovil, ArbequinaAlentejoPortugal
Hispasur GoldKnolive OilsPicualAndaluciaSpain
Il ContadinoFrantoio L'Olinda30% Frantoio, 40% Leccino, 20% Mignola, 10% Rosciola Colli EsiniMarcheItaly
Imera Olive OilAgricultural Cooperative Imera80% Megaritiki, 20% KoroneikiMacedoniaGreece
JoliveJolive Aceite de OlivaPicualJaénSpain
Jordan Bio OlivenoelJordan Olivenoel33% Kolovi, 67% AndramitiniLesvosGreece
KoposAndriotis Greek Olive Oil80% Kolovi, 20% AdramitiniLesvosGreece
Ktima MicheliMicheli MariaMakrisThraceGreece
Lesvos GoldLesel KoloviLesvosGreece
Mani Bläuel Bläuel Greek Organic ProductsKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Masia PremiumMasia el Altet30% Picual, 40% Changlot Real, 30% Alfafarenca, Blanqueta, GenovesaAlicanteSpain
Mati LadiRikiaKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
MorellanaSucesores de Hermanos López PicudaAndaluciaSpain
Mueloliva Picuda MuelolivaPicudaAndaluciaSpain
Navarino IconsNavarino IconsKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Olio MonacoDomenica FioreCaninoUmbriaItaly
Olio ReservaDomenica Fiore55% Leccino, 30% Frantoio, 15% MoraioloUmbriaItaly
Olio VeritasDomenica Fiore85% Leccino, 15% FrantoioUmbriaItaly
Olisone PicudaAlmazara la Canáda PicudaAndaluciaSpain
Oliveira da Serra Lagar do MarmeloSovena70% Conbrançosa, 30% Arbosana AlentejoPortugal
Oliveira da Serra OuroSovena50% Conbrançosa, 30% Arbequina, 20% ArbosanaAlentejoPortugal
Oro Bailén Reserva ArbequinaOrobailén Galgón 99 ArbequinaJaénSpain
Oro Bailen Reserva PicualOrobailén Galgón 99 PicualJaénSpain
Oro del Desierto Coupage OrganicOro del Desierto60% Picual, 5% Arbequina, 35% HojiblancaAndaluciaSpain
Oro del Desierto Coupage PicualOro del DesiertoPicualAndaluciaSpain
Ortice RiservaFrantoio RomanoOrticeCampaniaItaly
Pago de Los CentenariosPago de Los CentenariosPicualAndaluciaSpain
Pago de QuirósOleo Quirós50% Picual, 50% CornicabraCastilla La ManchaSpain
Papa's GrovePapa's Grove50% Koroneiki, 50% ManakiPeloponneseGreece
Parqueoliva Serie OroAlmazaras de la Subbética70% Hojiblanca, 30% PicudaCórdobaSpain
Picualia PicualiaPicualAndaluciaSpain
PrólogoJaencoop GroupPicualJaénEspaña
Rish LakishRish LakishCoratinaLower GalileeIsrael
Royal Early HarvestCastillo de CanenaRoyalJaenSpain
SchinosaAzienda Agricola di Martino 40% Coratina, 50% Paranzana, 10% NocellaraApuliaItaly
Terra Creta EstateTerra CretaKoroneikiCreteGreece
The GovernorOlive FabricaLianolia CorfuCorfuGreece
TucciolivaSan AmadorPicualJaénSpain
Valdenvero CoupageColivalArbequina, Picual, CornicabraValdepeñasSpain
Valdenvero OrganicColival50% Picual, 50% CornicabraValdepeñasSpain
Valdenvero PicualColivalPicualValdepeñasSpain
VertigoEssentia -Gocce D'Oro- VertigoFrantoioToscanaItaly
Zumo PicualFinca La GramanosaPicualCataloniaSpain


75-85 points

Acushla Gold EditionAcushla56% Cobrançosa, 22% Verdeal, 17% Madural, 5% CordovilAlto DouroPortugal
Aegean GoldProtoulis FamilyKoloviLesvosGreece
Alexandros Olive GrovePassalis FamilyKoroneikiRhodesGreece
Arbequino Smoked Oil XXL Century Oil 3Castillo de CanenaArbequinoJaénSpain
Arbor BeataArbor BeataKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Asopos GrovesAsopos GrovesKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Az-Azeytun ArbequinaAz-AzeytunArbequinaCataloniaSpain
Bertolli Exclusive SelectionDeoleo58% Picual, 30% Cobrançosa, 6% Arbosana, 6% PicudoRibatejo & AndaluciaItaly
Bertolli First Harvest 2016-2017Deoleo56% Picual, 34%Cobrançosa, 10% PicudoRibatejo & AndaluciaItaly
BiosphereNoos TradeKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Bravoleum ArbequinaHacienda El PaloArbequinaJaénSpain
CaixeiroSoresa50% Conbrançosa, 25% Madural, 25% VerdealAlto DouroPortugal
Carapelli Limited EditionDeoleo50% Cobrançosa, 40% Picual, 10% PicudoAndaluciaItaly
Casa de Santo Amaro PrestigeCasa De Santo Amaro60% Conbrançosa, 20% Madural, 20% Verdeal TransmontanaTrás-os-Montes Portugal
Di Giacomo SandroDi Giacomo Sandro60% Dritta, 30% Intosso, 10% FrantoioAbruzzoItaly
Doleon PrimiumSia Natures IconsKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Domaine MarquilianiOliu di Corsica50% Ghjermana, 50% SabinaCorsicaFrance
Eirini PlomariouKonstantina Kalamboka KoloviLesvosGreece
Ena Ena Wild OreganoHellenic Fields KoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Skopi SitiaAgricultural Cooperative of SkopiKoroneikiCreteGreece
Felea OrganicFelea Goods KoroneikiCreteGreece
Full MoonPago de los Baldios de San CarlosArbequinaExtremaduraSpain
Har V'emekHar V'emek40% Coratina, 40% Barnea, 10% Pichulin, 10% MaalotLower Galilée Israel
Masia High QualityMasia el Altet60% Picual , 20% Arbequina, 20% Alfafarenca, Blanqueta, GenovesaAlicanteSpain
ImmortalitasChristina and Artemis SkarpalezouKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Katogi Mountain GrovesKatogi AveroffKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Kisthene 02Özem Tibbi Aihaz ve AletleriDonatDenizliTurkey
KalamataMessinia UnionKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
L LefkadaSvarna ParaskeviAsproeliaLefkadaGreece
Ladi Biosas LemonLadi Biosas koroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Liá PriemiumLiá KoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
LiokladiToleris FamilyChalkidikiMacedoniaGreece
Makaria TerraMakaria TerraKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
MalvaMalva50% Athinoelia, 50% KoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Masik Magal PicualMasik MagalPicualHefer ValleyIsrael
Nature Blessed Nature Blessed70% Chalkidiki, 10% Amfissa, 10% Petroelia, 10% KoroneikiMacedoniaGreece
Oilon OrganicFragopoulos Giorgos50% Kolovi, 50% AndramitianiLesvosGreece
Óleo ÁureoÓleo ÁureoPico-LimónAndaluciaSpain
Oleum Excelsus Seleccion FamiliarOleum Excelsus PicualAndaluciaSpain
Olive Groves TagalakisOlive Groves TagalakisKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Oliveira da Serra GourmetSovena60% Conbrançosa, 30% Arbequina, 10% ArbosanaAlentejoPortugal
Oliveira da Serra OliveirinhaSovena70% Arbosana, 30% ArbequinaAlentejoPortugal
Oljcno Olje JenkoOljcno Olje JenkoIstrska BelicaIstriaSlovenia
OlmaisOlmaisConbrançosaTrás-os-Montes Portugal
Oro de Genave SeleccionOlivar de SeguraPicualJaénSpain
Oro san CarlosPago de los Baldios de San Carlos50% Arbequina, 50% CornicabraExtremaduraSpain
Pamako Mountain TsounatiPamakoTsounatiCreteGreece
PlétoraAceites MalagonArbequinaCastilla la ManchaSpain
Sindyanna of Galilee Coratina Sindyanna of Galilée CoratinaGalileeIsrael
Spirit of GreeceSpirit of GreeceKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
SternaAgricultural Cooperative of Sterna MessiniaKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Terra ZakrosOlive Oil Trade and StandardizationKoroneikiCreteGreece
Valdenvero ArbequinaColivalArbequinaCastilla la ManchaSpain
Vatsiko FruityA.C. EleonasKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Vieiru OrganicAlmazara as PontisManzanilla CacereñaExtremaduraSpain


65-75 points

Bona FurtunaBona Furtuna60% Nocellara del Belice, 20% Biancolilla, 10% Passulunara, 10% other SicilyItaly
El Lagar del Soto PremiumJacoliva Manzanilla CacereñaExtremaduraSpain
El Lagar del Soto Premium BioJustino Corchero MonteroManzanilla CacereñaExtremaduraSpain
Elaion Bio Green Olive OilElaion Bio Green Olive OilLianolia CorfuEpirus Greece
Eleagros OrganicTheodoros Zoris KoutsoureliaCentral GreeceGreece
Elia Markou Yiannis Markou80% Koroneiki, 20% Samos Throumba SamosGreece
Eliama Daily ValueEllis Farm Family ProductsKoroneikiCrete Greece
Elidia SelectionsElidia75% Tsounati, 25% KoroneikiCreteGreece
EllionEllionKoroneikiCrete Greece
EnteliaKreta FoodKoroneikiCreteGreece
EpicuriaDomaine EpicuriaKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Evo3Evo3 Evolution60% Andramitini, 30% Kolovi, 10% LadoliaLesvosGreece
Fanourgakis FamilyFanourgakis FamilyKoroneikiCreteGreece
Galilée Kibutz Shamir KoroneikiGalilée Kibutz ShamirKoroneikiUpper GaliléeIsrael
Greek Pony FarmThe Greek Pony FarmKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Herdade do Esporão Olival dos Arrifes OrganicoEsporão60% Cobrançosa, 40% ArbequinaAlentejoPortugal
Juan ColínAceites BellidoArbequinaAndaluciaSpain
KonstasKonstas Olive OilKoroneikiAtticaGreece
Kontogiannis Family Organic Premium Kontogiannis FamilyManakiPeloponneseGreece
Koutalis Olive GroveKoutalis Olive Grove50% Megaritiki, 30% Chalkidiki, 20% Kalamata Thrace Greece
Le MandrieLe Mandrie di San PaoloMoraioloUmbriaItaly
LiokarpiLiokarpi ProtogerakisKoroneikiCrete Greece
MedolioMedolio Olive of AmfissaCentral Greece Greece
Oleanthos AgoureleoAristonAthinoeliaPeloponnese Greece
Oleanthos GourmetAristonAthinoeliaPeloponneseGreece
OleoastronSakellaropoulos Organic FarmingKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
One & OliveOne & OliveKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
ÖzemÖzem Tibbi Aihaz ve Aletleri Ayvalik, EdremitDenizliTurkey
PenemaEsterra Olive GoodsKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
PhedraDragonas Bros KoroneikiPeloponneseGreece
Philosophy of Elea - PassionPsaroudakis KoroneikiCreteGreece
Rosmaninho PremiumCooperativa de Olivicultores de Valpaços40% Corbançosa, 40% Madural, 20% VerdealAlto DouroPortugal
SmokedDelicious CreteKoroneikiCrete Greece
Terroir by Alexandra ManousakisManousakis WineryKoroneikiCreteGreece
Triomphe de TuccaborTriomphe de ThuccaborChetoui Béja GovernorateTunisia
Vatsiko GreenA.C. EleonasKoroneikiPeloponneseGreece



1.1 Best EVOO of the competition («Βest of Show»)
1.2 Best EVOO by country («Best of Class») / (Minimum 5 samples)
1.2.1 France
1.2.2 Greece
1.2.3 Israel
1.2.4 Ιtaly
1.2.5 Portugal
1.2.6 Spain
1.2.7 Tunisia


1.3 Best EVOO by varietal («Best of Class») / (Minimum 5 samples)

1.3.1 Athinolia
1.3.2 Arbequina
1.3.3 Coratina
1.3.4 Κοlovi
1.3.5 Picual

1.4 Best Single Varietal EVOO

1.5. Best EVOO Blend

1.6 Best Organic EVOO

1.7 Best Koroneiki EVOO

1.8 Best EVOO by Wine Producer

1.9 Best Aromatized EVOO


2.1. Best Greek EVOO by Region

2.1.1 Aegean Islands
2.1.2 Continental Greece
2.1.3 Crete
2.1.4 Epirus
2.1.5 Ionian Islands
2.1.6 Μacedonia
2.1.7 Peloponnese
2.1.8 Thrace

2.2 Best Greek Organic EVOO

2.3 Best Greek Koroneiki EVOO


1.1 Best of Show

TreFórt Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm 40% Casaliva, 30% Fort, 30% Trep Veneto Italy


1.2 Best EVOO by country («Best of Class»)

1.2.1 France

Intensu – Moulin Oltremonti Domaine Oltremonti Ghjermana of Corsica Corsica France


1.2.2 Greece

39/22 Koroneiki Great Stories Koroneiki Peloponnese Greece


1.2.3 Israel

Erets Geshur Morisca Eretz Geshur Morisca Ramat Hagolan Israel


1.2.4 Italy

TreFórt Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm 40% Casaliva, 30% Fort, 30% Trep Veneto Italy


1.2.5 Portugal

Rosmaninho Gourmet Cobrançosa Cooperativa de Olivicultores de Valpaços Conbrançosa Alto Douro Portugal


1.2.6 Spain

Knolive Epicure Knolive Oils 50% Picudo, 50% Hojiblanca Andalucia Spain


1.2.7 Tunisia

Triomphe de Tuccabor Triomphe de Thuccabor Chetoui Béja Governorate Tunisia



1.3 Best EVOO by varietal («Best of Class»)


1.3.1 Athinolia

Oleanthos Gourmet Ariston Athinoelia Peloponnese Greece


1.3.2 Arbequina

Oro Bailén Reserva Arbequina Orobailén Galgón 99 Arbequina Jaén Spain


1.3.3 Coratina

Rish Lakish Rish Lakish Coratina Lower Galilee Israel


1.3.4 Kolovi

Lesvos Gold Lesel Kolovi Lesvos Greece


1.3.5 Picual

Bravoleum Picual Hacienda El Palo Picual Jaén Spain


1.4 Best Single Varietal EVOO

ll Cavallino Special Edition Salvadori Romina Leccio del Corno Toscana Italy


1.5. Best EVOO Blend

TreFórt Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm 40% Casaliva, 30% Fort, 30% Trep Veneto Italy


1.6 Best Organic EVOO

Olio Novello Domenica Fiore 65% Leccino, 30% Frantoio, 5% Moraiolo Umbria Italy


1.7 Best Koroneiki EVOO

39/22 Koroneiki Great Stories Koroneiki Peloponnese Greece


1.8 Best EVOO by Wine Producer

Katogi Mountain Groves Katogi Averoff Koroneiki Peloponnese Greece


1.9 Best Aromatized EVOO

Acaia Hellenic Agricultural Enterprises Kolovi Lesvos Greece




 2.1 Best Greek EVOO by Region

 2.1.1 Aegean Islands

Lesvos Gold Lesel Kolovi Lesvos Greece


2.1.2 Continental Greece

Medolio Medolio Olive of Amfissa Central Greece Greece


2.1.3 Crete

Terra Creta Estate Terra Creta Koroneiki Crete Greece


2.1.4 Epirus

Elaion Bio Green Olive Oil Elaion Bio Green Olive Oil Lianolia Corfu Epirus Greece


2.1.5 Ionian Islands

The Governor Olive Fabrica Lianolia Corfu Corfu Greece


2.1.6 Μacedonia

Imera Olive Oil Agricultural Cooperative Imera 80% Megaritiki, 20% Koroneiki Macedonia Greece


2.1.7 Peloponnese

39/22 Koroneiki Great Stories Koroneiki Peloponnese Greece


2.1.8 Thrace

Ktima Micheli Micheli Maria Makris Thrace Greece


2.2 Best Greek Organic EVOO

Essential Organic G.E.T. Greek Exquisite Eastes Koroneiki Peloponnese Greece


 2.3 Best Greek Koroneiki EVOO

39/22 Koroneiki Great Stories Koroneiki Peloponnese Greece