Ayala Noy Meir


Ayala Noy Meir, from Israel, is an agronomist with a Masters degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is the manager of the organic, cold press olive oil mill "Rish Lakish", cultivating more than 100 acres of organic olive trees, and a lecturer of olive oil in various forums in Israel. Following an internship in olive oil cultivation and production at Tel Hai College, Ayala followed several IOC-approved olive oil tasting courses, including the "Olive Without Borders" training course in Spain, led by Jose Maria Penco and Dr. Fathi Abd El-Hadi.

Ayala is the representative of the Organic Olive Growers on the Israeli Olive Growers Board and from 2012 to 2016 was a member of the Israeli IOC olive oil panel. She has judged at the Terraolivo and Masters of Olive Oil competitions in Israel and Italy, respectively.