Sara Godena


Sara Godena works as a Research Associate at the Department of Agriculture and Nutrition of the Poreč Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, in Poreč (Croatia). In 2008 she first attended also an olive oil appreciation course at the International School of Sensory Analysis and Food Culture in Pesaro, Italy, and in 2014 she won a IOC scholarship and attended the University of Jaén’s specialized course in the organoleptic assessment of extra virgin olive oil. She is author and co-author of many scientific and professional papers and has participated in many national and international research projects. Since 2010 she is on her country’s national list of EVOO sensory evaluators approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and she is a member of the EU and IOC-recognized tasting panel of the Poreč Institute of Agriculture and Tourism. She has judged in several major competitions, including New York, Copenhagen, Athena, Monocultivar and Domina.