Marí Eugenia Fernández


After graduating as a Chemical Engineer and having won a scholarship to study one semester in Germany my first job was at BASF headquarters in Ludwigshafen; so my first steps were in a huge chemical company working in german language. Back in Argentina I worked at Techint as process Engineer. Techint has a very respected and demanding young professionals program for graduated engineers. I worked as a process engineer for an Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP II) that Aramco Co. was planing to build in Arabia, I also worked for a project involved in the exansion of Camisea gasoduct in Perú, the client was PlusPetrol. Later, I was offered to go back to Chemicals, to work as Technical Service and Development engineer at Dow Chemical. I worked in the polyethylene area assisting flexible packaging clients in Chile, Bolivia, Peru y Argentina, based in Buenos Aires. I was recognized for my labor, even developing a new product line and winning an award for that. We used Six Sigma methodology, I worked hand by hand with Sales people and production people at the lab and plant in Bahia Blanca, offering the clients and distributors the best solutions. Some years later I wanted to test myself as entrepreneur and started an olive oil small business which gave me the experience of sales, marketing, clients searching. I cointinued working in the olive oil business for others too, as employee or external consultant in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. That took me to win a sponsorship to study and live in Jaen 4 months. After serious thinking over years, the time came to leave Argentina as a home country. I wanted to come to Europe and make my residence here. Spain is a country I love and I had come often as a member of jury of olive oil tasting contests, then made my residence here.