Konstantinos Tsoronis


Konstantinos Tsoronis is a chemist in Kalamata, specializing in food safety and olive oil technology. He has a collective experience of over 15 years in the food industry, consultancy and academia and has been involved in olive oil production from milling to refining, from evaluation to blending. Currently, he is working at the Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation. In addition, he is a founding member of the Organization for the Promotion of the Gastronomy of Olive Oil (Oliverse). Konstantinos holds a Master’s Degree in food safety and quality management and is also a graduate of ONAOO’s olive oil sensory analysis course in Imperia (Italy), IOC’s University course on the Organoleptic Assessment of Olive Oil at the University of Jaen (Spain) and IOC’s International course for panel leaders on the organoleptic assessment of olive oil. He is an expert olive oil taster, member of Kalamata’s olive oil tasting panel and has judged in olive oil competitions at both national and international level. He has also been recognized as an Associate Member of the Register of International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes.