Panos Paganis


Panos Paganis has studied computer programming and analysis and currently lives in Gargaliani, Messinia. Panos is carrying on a family farming tradition that can be traced back many generations, producing olive oil in one of the most important regions for olive oil production in Greece. He is an active member of the agricultural cooperative of Gargaliani and was an active member of the “Nea Epochi” (“New Age”) group of producers, which won numerous national awards and was a Mario Solinas finalist in 2008. Panos is an accredited panel member of the Kalamata Olive Oil Taste Laboratory since 2009. Part of the Technological Educational Institute of the Peloponnese (a higher educational institution in Kalamata), the Kalamata Olive Oil Taste Laboratory is recognized by the International Olive Council for conducting sensory analysis of olive oil. Panos has attended numerous national and international educational programs in olive oil tasting. As a panel member, he has contributed to the research work of the laboratory on sensory analysis, has participated in local and regional olive oil taste competitions and provides consultation on olive oil quality.