Stefania Marcuz


Stefania Marcuz is an expert in Sensory Analysis applied to the Food & Beverage sector. She is a member of the Academic Board of the International Academy of Sensory Analysis and a certified virgin and extra virgin olive oil taster with the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. Stefania is a professional and certified taster not only of olive oil, but also of wine, honey, cheese, coffee, olives, chocolate, grappa and other spirits. As such, she is judge and panel leader for many juries in prestigious national and international competitions, as well as guidebooks. Stefania also works as a consultant in the fields of marketing and quality control for agri-food companies and as food and beverage consultant, trainer and project manager for private and public companies, institutions, organizations, exhibitions and trade fairs in Italy and abroad. Thanks to her international working experience and in depth knowledge of several agri-food products, she is sought after as a consultant for important Italian and foreign food and beverage buyers and distributors. She also holds the position of member on the National Board of the European School for Sommeliers as well as being its delegate for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and Eastern Veneto.