Cécile Le Galliard


Cécile Le Galliard is a consultant based in France specializing in olive oil selection and education. She is a 2014 graduate of the olive oil tasting course of the University of Jaén. Before moving back to France, Cécile travelled extensively in Spain exploring its olive regions and honing her tasting skills.

She has co-authored with Alice Alech, in English, the book “The Seven Wonders of Olive Oil” (Familius ed., 2017) on the health benefits of olive oil. Her personal blog, www.jusdolive.fr, is one of France’s best-known and currently attracts more than 160,000 visitors per year. In 2016 she successfully passed the level 1 Savantes Tasting Skills test making her an Associate Member of the Savantes Register of international EVOO experts and since May 2020 she is representing France at the Women in Olive Oil Organization.