Mirella Žanetić


Dr. Mirella Žanetić is a food technologist and works as researcher at the Institute for Adriatic Cultures in Split, Croatia, in the laboratory for quality control of VOO. She is panel leader of the Institute’s VOO professional panel group for sensory analyses of virgin olive oil. Dr. Žanetić is an IOC certified sensory analyst with more than 20 years experience in sensory analysis of VOO. She regularly participates as a panel member for national and international competitions. Her scientific interest is mainly focused on the quality and typicality of VOOs of native varietals, with particular attention to bioactive compounds (antioxidants) responsible for health properties of olive oils and to the volatile compounds that carry the aroma and sensory attributes of VOOs. Dr. Žanetić also works at the University of Split, as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Mediterranean Agriculture. She has conducted numerous seminars/workshops on quality improvement and guided tastings of VOO for olive growers and consumers, as well as educational interactive seminars and workshops for teachers and students. Dr. Žanetić has published many scientific articles in reputable international scientific journals.