ATHIOOC is the fastest growing international olive oil competition in the world and has already gained the respect of hundreds of olive oil producers and international judges. The third edition will take place at Delphi, one of the most emblematic archaeological sites in the world, home to the famous oracle that was consulted on important decisions throughout the ancient classical world and also the center of one of Greece’s largest olive groves. What better place to organize an international olive oil competition indeed!


Greece, the first country in the world to uplift the olive and olive oil by giving them a central role in its culture and economy

Just as long distance runners aspire to participate in the classic Marathon run or great actors dream of performing at the ancient theater of Epidaurus, dedicated olive oil producers dream of the opportunity to compete in the land where everything started.


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Covered with olive trees, the plain of Delphi is one of the most historic in Greece. It offers a unique combination of olive tradition and culture, since the well-known Delphi, with its Oracle, was considered the center of the world in antiquity. Today it is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site which also includes part of the olive grove in the wider region of Phocis, although the latter does not enjoy the prestige it deserves.


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European Cultural centre of Delphi

The Conference Venue of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, a typical example of the architecture of the Modern Movement, dates back to the 1960ʼs and was designed by the Professor of Architecture A. Kitsikis and the architect A. Lambakis. Built in a tree-clad area of 100 acres it includes a Conference Venue, a Guesthouse an open-air theatre and throughout its gardens a Sculpture Park with works of great contemporary European artists. The Conference Venue of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi hosts conferences, seminars, exhibitions and workshops as well as cultural and artistic activities (music, dance etc.).





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